Hank Chen

Hank Chen
Hank Chen is a Sr. Threat Researcher at TXOne Networks. Hank is in charge of malware analysis, product security, and vulnerability research. Hank was a teaching assistant of Cryptography at Taiwan Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and instructor of the cyber security training course for Taiwan Ministry of Defense, as well as joined in many CTF competitions with BalsiFox and 10sec to focus on crypto, reverse, and pwn challenges, and won the 12th place in HITCON CTF 2019 finals. Hank also spoke at several cyber security conferences such as Black Hat, FIRST, HITCON and CYBERSEC 2022.

Talk / Workshop

The Endgame for Ransomware in Critical Infrastructure

Attacks on critical infrastructure are becoming more and more rampant, especially since 2019. Ransomware has become a necessary subject of study for stakeholders and personnel, and has also had a severe impact on critical infrastructure. The ransomware evolute dramatically, so that endpoint protection solution become more difficult to survive from ransomware attacks. In this talk, we will show you in-depth analysis of the ransomware behaviors and ransomware-related techniques that have affected critical infrastructure. And we also propose the effective and innovative defense methods and strategies which are fit in critical Infrastructure to strengthen protection against ransomware.

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