Conference: September 15
Kathmandu, Nepal

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Mentorship Session - Sep 15

The mentorship session is designed specifically for the beginners who are trying to make thier way into the field of cybersecurity. The mentors will answer your burning questions on what the cybersecurity field holds, what options are there, how to approach learning and professional growth, etc.

The session is being conducted in collaboration with Gajabaar. Gajabaar is an InfoSec mentorship program consisting of a group of mentors who listen to you about your interests, ask you about your goals then design a path from where you are to where you want to get in cybersecurity.

The program will benefit people who are interested in making a career in cybersecurity. You can be a complete beginner or have some idea of the field; the mentors will give informed council according to your needs.

Our Mentors

1. Urmila Maharjan
A CEH, mentee at Gajabaar 2021, who is currently working as Associate Solutions Engineer in Logpoint Pvt. Ltd.

2. Anjelika Sah
She's currently working as Project Lead | DevSecOps at Prixa Technologies, Jawalakhel for the past 2 years. She has actively participated in the Gajabaar mentorship program in the 2020 intake. She has been involved in various national as well as international projects as Cybersecurity Engineer as well as Project Lead. She graduated as a Computer Engineer from Kathmandu University in 2020. Since then, she has been actively working on and exploring various fields of Cybersecurity.

3. Suresh Pantha
Suresh is a final year undergraduate student at Institute of Engineering Pashchimanchal Campus. He joined the Gajabaar Mentorship Team as a mentee in its first year and has been involved in it ever since, presently as a mentor. His areas of interest include Web Security, Cryptography and Binary Exploration, moreover just building and breaking things.

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