Prasant Adhikari

Prasant Adhikari
Prasant Adhikari is currently a third year Computer Science PhD candidate with the MESS lab at New York University and is working towards an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification. His current research is on the selective hardening of the Linux Kernel. His past research involves wi-fi security. He has been part of the core Gajabaar mentorship team for the past three years.

Talk / Workshop
Closing Note

Gajabaar, An InfoSecurity Mentorship – Design To Deployment

In this talk, we discuss tips, tricks, joys and pitfalls of running an infosecurity mentorship program in Nepal. We draw these observations, lessons and recommendations from our own experience running Gajabaar – a three year old infosecurity mentorship program catered exclusively to the Nepali community of cybersecurity curious to enthusiasts. We believe this talk will be useful to the candidates looking for a mentorship as well as to the cybersecurity companies and organizations looking to establish their own mentorship programs or to hire qualified candidates to cybersecurity positions within their organizations.

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